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Mental Strength For Personal Development

How many times have you been so close to success you could actually taste the thrill? You know, you are right on the personal developmentbrink of something great, you can almost see the changes coming in your life.  Then five minutes later you are settled in the ashes of defeat thoroughly confused about how and why.

If you are like most of us at this moment, you want to scream in frustration. There must be some elusive secret, and if you could just get your hands on this information; your life would change forever. Is it a problem with mental strength?

A few deep breaths later, you may wonder about your sanity or just shrug it off as a part of life. Would it help to know that there is indeed a secret to changing your life? The secret you are so desperate to unlock, are dependent upon the grey matter between your ears, more specifically your thoughts and emotions.

Have you spent any time studying personal development? As the founder and head coach at Warrior Mind Coach (a mental strength development company), I have discovered one central truth if you are going to change your results you simply must change your thought process.

Understanding Mental Strength and Limitations

How often do you consider your thought processes and how they may be affecting your life? Probably not often, as m

How often do you consider your thought processes and how they may be affecting your life? Probably not often, as most of the time this is an unconscious action. However, make no mistake in this case; what you do not know can hurt you. Ask any top achiever in any field, and they will tell you that skills and talent are important but your mindset will limit you…and your mental strength will help you.

Exactly how does this all work? After all, can’t you just avoid negative thoughts?

Take a moment and think about your home or your automobile, each of these has one thing in common, and that is their comfort range. There are fixed temperatures, both high and low, points that will go only so high and so low. In between the two extremes is a comfort zone. Your thoughts and emotions determine these “set” points for your life.

High-Mental Resistance … Low- Mental Support

Think of these invisible limits as your boundary fence, particularly the underground variety used to keep pets in the back yard. Your dog soon learns that crossing the boundary lines is uncomfortable. You may come very close to breaking out of your zone, but the familiar “buzzing” makes you draw back in fear of failure, pain or other strong emotion. How do these fences get set in your life?

  • Values
  • Past Experience
  • Emotions
  • Unconscious Programs

How do you feel when you think about venturing into new areas? You can see the next level of success, it is right there across your “fence” but you cannot quite get there!

Boundary Indicators

Personal development and mental strength growth will require you first identify boundaries to success. Pay attention to your internal dialogue, do you find reasons not to move forward? Here are a few indicators that your thoughts and emotions are holding you back:

  • You have too many things to do
  • Procrastination
  • Something does not feel right
  • You are too tired
  • The Universe does not want you to move forward
  • Get angry or frustrated that it’s never going to work (so you quit)

Personal Development

People are not born achievers, and it’s not a matter of chance or dumb luck. Success comes from dedication to personal development and building your mental strength to the point that your unconscious thought patterns no longer hold you back. The question is, can you do this all on your own?

One could argue that if you could do better on your own with mental strength training, you already would have. How are you supposed to use the same mind (same thoughts) to fix the problem? According to Einstein, this is pretty much impossible!

Taking advantage of a mental strength system such as warrior mind coach will give you the tools and assistance you need to achieve the greatest personal development and mental strength. You can, and should read the personal development books but give yourself the best chance possible by availing yourself of personal assistance. You have to know there are no lone rangers at the top of the mountain, so do not leave yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

Additional Thoughts

Are you still unsure on what you think about mental resistance and its effect on your mental strength? When is the last time you received anything you felt unqualified or undeserving of? There is an age-old theory that if you do not believe you can succeed you will soon find you are right! Search your thoughts and feelings right now; can you see yourself independently wealthy? What kind of emotions does that trigger? Perhaps wealth is not your measure of success, it could be something less tangible, but in either case, can you picture it? Can you feel it? Alternatively, are you feeling something else like dread, anxiety or extreme fear?

By working with a Warrior coach, you will break through your self-limiting beliefs, emotions and thought patterns to discover an entire new world teeming with opportunity. Before you can reach for the stars, you must remove the boundary fence that tells you pain is in your immediate future! Why continue to struggle alone or settle for a frustrated life when there is a much better option?

Do you have the heart and the courage to take this journey that will change your life forever!

So…are you ready?


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